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Shayli Harrison sets digital fashion adrift in saltwater for Crypto Fashion Week, dressing a hybrid sea creature in polluted plastic waste.

Shayli Harrison sets digital fashion adrift in saltwater for Crypto Fashion Week, dressing a hybrid sea creature in polluted plastic waste.

For her CFW entry, DEEP FEE(R), Harrison revisits her Western Australian roots. Referencing the last great ocean paradise – the Ningaloo Reef – the designer portrays nature’s most significant threat: human driven menace. The Ningaloo Reef, set in her native region, represents over 50% of the Indian Ocean’s entire coral life. Harrison encourages today’s generation to explore its colors and splendor for future generations may not be privy to it as we know today.

Shayli Harrison NFT
Returning to familiar waters for Crypto Fashion Week, she is reflective of the current state of our oceans, referencing the protective medical wear the pandemic scattered all over the world. Stained by the artificial colours of ocean debris, the appearance is so unnatural it meets the unique hues that is the coral reef. Contrasting with plastics treated as elegant textiles, one would almost forget the numerous animals facing fatal ends involving ocean pollution.
This look eloquently tells the tragic tale of sea life caught in trash.
The coral reef inhabiting avatar – an ichthyic femme creature – translates this concept into a fashion statement. With sheaths of plastics snagged to her piscine figure, the protector of the reef is attempting to turn the narrative around. Created by the 3D-artist to reclaim the bodies perceived as feminine, which are permanently hypersexualized in the CGI universe. The humanoid creature; half-coral, half-fish; is both horrific as it is alluring…
Representing both the charm that is earth’s aquatic life and the lack of empathy human society has for those living in it.

DEEP FEE(R) is sold as one exclusive NFT for Crypto Fashion Week in limited editions. It includes one full silhouette that can be worn in AR and digitally tailored to IRL photographs through the DressX platform. NFT sales will go live during the Crypto Fashion Week Program.

About Shayli Harrison

Shayli Harrison is an alumna of the Antwerp Fashion Department and CEO of digital fashion unitive, MUTANI. Characterized by her own radical aesthetic, her designs have been worn on tour with Björk and featured in countless magazines such as: Vogue Australia, Vogue Italia, Elle Belgium, Purple, 1 Granary, King Kong and iD to name a few. Recognized by her voluminous swathes of color and texture, she creates vibrant fantasies that serve as the perfect bridge between high-fashion and games spaces. Harrison is a creative force with a practical industry background; previously working for luxury fashion house, Manish Arora.


MUTANI is a digital fashion unitive driven to inject the fashion into digital fashion. Curating and match-making next-level designers with their aesthetic equal in digital development to produce digital fashion assets for wear in games and virtual worlds. MUTANI is a network in the digital ecosystem that offers guidelines, support and services to IRL designers looking to reach URL audiences. In this way, MUTANI is able to open up the digital world to the most radical designers of our time and establish a space for this progressive contemporary fashion within the gaming universe.

MUTANI has onboarded the following collaborators for this project and would like to thank them for their execution of this vision:

About Manel El Jmal

3D-artist Manel El Jmal is behind the creation and visualization of the oceanic avatar. In addition to developing an interest for images and learning 3D for several years they are currently working as a 3D artist in Berlin. Their practice is built by a deep tactile and haptic sensitivity: they are accustomed to sculpture, drawing and painting both traditionally and digitally. Their 3D practice allows Manel El Jmal to extend and show easily their vision and to share their tales.


NOFORM was flawless in digitizing and simulating the garments for this look. Founder of the digital lab,Rahul Verma is a digital fashion design consultant, based in Bengaluru, India. In his career thus far, Rahul has worked as a Designer, Technical Illustrator, Professor of Fashion, and 3D Design Consultant. His current area of research and study is the use of digital and 3D technology in textiles & fashion to design smartly and sustainably.

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